THE INFO ENERGETICS THERAPY – How to heal your body, your emotions and your relationships


Be optimistic, enjoy each moment of your lives, as if it were the last…
Life is gorgeous, it deserved being lived at full intensity!
Life can begin at any age!



As Goethe once said, “The sooner you trust yourself, the sooner you’ll know how to live.” –
I will take the liberty to ask all those who haven’t tasted the cup of pain, frustration, lack of love, of childhood unjustly stolen, to stop categorizing people only according to appearances. Let them try to know the others! Try to approach them! Look at the beauty of their souls and then, if they are convinced, they are without sin, but only then, start throwing stones at the others!
All people…but absolutely all of them…are beautiful, wonderful, unique and special…but some of them have suffered a lot; therefore, they choose to wear different masks behind which they hide; one of them is Mediocrity.
Love, Hope and Faith are the three basic ingredients of your own happiness. If one of them is missing, it’s certain that failures, frustrations and regrets will appear and your life will be a nightmare from which you will hardly be able to get out. But you must know that everything has a solution.
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