THE INFO ENERGETICS THERAPY – How to heal your body, your emotions and your relationships

Be optimistic, enjoy each moment of your lives, as if it were the last…
Life is gorgeous, it deserved being lived at full intensity!
Life can begin at any age! 


The– IE Therapy – studies phenomena and processes determined by the existence of a quantity of information – Qi, which is organized according to a more or less complex algorithm and implemented in a certain energetic support (electromagnetic, caloric, chemical, mechanic, etc). It is optimal for the objective pursued, to have effects, results and efficiency on pre-established targets – material, energetic, informational. This spiritual science, which includes the teachings of the Holy Scripture and all modern sciences, uses its own research methods. Unique in the world, it offers the possibility to take alpha-numerical measurements and determinations using its main working tool.
More info, in the book “IE Therapy” – to get the book, you can reach me at 

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